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Picture Gallery - 1900s

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Exeter Cathedral Diocesan Choral Festival 1909

July 1909 - Choral Festival, Exeter Cathedral

The parish choirs of Devon and the cathedral choir used to meet one Saturday afternoon a year for a Diocesan Choral Festival. The festival was formally established in 1886.

A book of music (typically collections of anthems, settings or music for a particular religious theme) was printed especially each year.

These meetings proved so popular that the nave was full of singers, with a congregation only having room in the aisles. They were even recorded in the mid-1970s and released on LP records.

Popularity steadily declined from the 1980s, with parish choirs declining in number in the county. Attendance dropped to such an extent that the festival was formally ended in 2006, and the last festival service book of music was produced that year. Now a much more informal gathering takes place one Saturday afternoon in late June or early July.

In this photograph, the cathedral choir is presumably the group standing to the right of centre with its back to the Chapter House, by the banner of St Peter. The gentlemen (between the clergy and the banner) are wearing mortar boards.

A large awning comes down from the Chapter House wall - this may have been erected especially for the occasion, or was perhaps to allow a temporary covered walkway between the cloisters and the small door to the left of the Chapter House.

Post card owned by Mike Dobson (alto 1976-).

Exeter Cathedral School - Cadet Force - c.1910?

c. 1910 ?

Exeter Cathedral School Cadet Force.

Postcard. No date on the card and no writing or stamp on the back.

The style of uniform suggests a period near to the beginning of the First World War.

Location of where the photograph was taken is uncertain. It could be the rear of the pre-1940s school on the north side of the Cathedral Close, with the rear of Bedford Circus being the buildings shown in the upper half of the photograph.

Similar photograph shown below.

If you have any more information please do let me know (m.j.dobson@ex.ac.uk).

Exeter Catehdrl cadet force c.1910

c. 1910 ?

Exeter Cathedral School Cadet Force.

Photograph presumably taken at the same time as the previous one.

Charles Bateman - Exeter chorister, c. 1916

c. 1916

Charles Douglas Bateman, when he was solo boy, circa 1916 when he would have been about 12 (he was born November 1904)